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Stainless Steel 410 Material Property Data Sheet

Do you need custom fasteners created with Stainless Steel 410? Since our inception, Vegas Fastener Manufacturing has met every challenge of providing Quality, Timely, Cost-effective solutions for specialty fastener applications. Every product is built to your specifications, using your prints if necessary.

Below are the technical specifications of the Stainless Steel 410 Bar Stock we have available to meet your needs.


Allegheny Ludlum Martensitic Stainless Steel 410

Subcategory: Metal; Stainless Steel; T 400 Series Stainless Steel; Martensitic

Key Words:

Composition Notes: Iron content calculated as remainder

Component   Wt. %
CMax 0.15 
Cr11.5 - 13.5 
MnMax 1 
NiMax 0.5 
PMax 0.04 
SMax 0.03 
SiMax 1 

Material Notes:

Characteristics: superior wear resistance, hardenable, excellent corrosion resistance.

Applications:cutlery, dental and surgical instruments, nozzles, valve parts, hardened steel ball and seats for oil well pumps, separating screens and strainers, springs, shears, and wear surfaces.

Information provided by Allegheny Ludlum

Physical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Density7.64 g/cc0.276 lb/in 
Specific Gravity7.65 g/cc0.276 lb/in 

Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Rockwell B8282 
Hardness, Rockwell B9898 Hardened+Tempered 1200F
Hardness, Rockwell C-7-7 Hardening Response
Hardness, Rockwell C3535 Hardened+Tempered 1000F
Hardness, Rockwell C4040 Hardened+Tempered 550F
Hardness, Rockwell C4040 Hardened+Tempered 600F
Hardness, Rockwell C4141 Hardened+Tempered 800F
Hardness, Rockwell C4141 Hardened+Tempered 900F
Hardness, Rockwell C4343 Hardened+Tempered 400F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1063 MPa154000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 1000F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1283 MPa186000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 600F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1289 MPa187000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 550F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1298 MPa188000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 900F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1300 MPa189000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 800F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1399 MPa203000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 400F
Tensile Strength, Ultimate510 MPa74000 psi Annealed
Tensile Strength, Ultimate767 MPa111000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 1200F
Tensile Strength, Yield1022 MPa148000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 550F
Tensile Strength, Yield1026 MPa149000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 600F
Tensile Strength, Yield1076 MPa156000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 400F
Tensile Strength, Yield290 MPa42100 psi 0.2% offset, Annealed
Tensile Strength, Yield589 MPa85400 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 1200F
Tensile Strength, Yield845 MPa123000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 900F
Tensile Strength, Yield882 MPa128000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 1000F
Tensile Strength, Yield916 MPa133000 psi Hardened 1800F, Tempered 800F
Elongation at Break34 %34 % Annealed

Electrical Properties
Electrical Resistivity5.6e-005 ohm-cm5.6e-005 ohm-cm 

Thermal Properties
CTE, linear 20C10.5 m/m-C5.83 in/in-F 20C-200C
CTE, linear 500C11.6 m/m-C6.44 in/in-F 20C-600C
Heat Capacity0.46 J/g-C0.11 BTU/lb-F 
Thermal Conductivity24.9 W/m-K173 BTU-in/hr-ft-F 100C

Processing Properties
Melt Temperature1482 - 1532 C2700 - 2790 F 

Descriptive Properties
Corrosion Rate mils per year0.079 (5% Acetic Acid at 49C) Hardened martensitic grades were tested after tempering at 204C.
Corrosion Rate mils per year0.062 (5% Phosphoric Acid at 49C) Hardened martensitic grades were tested after tempering at 204C
Pitting Potential, Volts vs Sat. Calomel Electrode0.502 100 ppm Chloride solution at 24C, pH5. Samples had ground surface. Hardened martensitic grades were tested after tempering at 204C.


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